Transfer Tax Ordinance Information

Unless exempt by statute, whenever there is a transfer of title to real property (or an Assignment of Beneficial Interest (A.B.I.) in a land trust), state, county, and municipal transfer tax stamps (where applicable) must first be purchased and affixed to the deed (or A.B.I.) before the document can be recorded. To access Transfer Tax information for Illinois state, county, and municipal transfer taxes, go to:

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Real Estate Tax Information

Whether you are buying an existing home or are buying new construction, there are some important things to know about taxes on real property and about real estate tax bills in order to protect your property rights:

  • Frequency: How often real estate tax bills are issued
  • Determination of Amount: How the amount of your tax bill is determined, depending on your county of residence.
  • Payment: When your tax payment is due.
  • Action: How to get the tax information you need to protect your property rights.

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