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The Illinois Real Estate Lawyers Association is comprised of experienced attorneys dedicated to assisting individuals and businesses in connection with real estate transactions of all types.


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From left to right: Ralph J. Schumann, President of IRELA, John G. O`Brien, Chairman and Founder of IRELA, and Joseph R. Fortunato, Jr., Past President of IRELA.


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Ralph J. Schumann, President
John G. O'Brien, Founder and Chairman
        of the Board
Marc J. Blumenthal, Vice-President
John C. Haas, Secretary
Leanne W. Klein, Treasurer
Jeffrey S. McDonald, Association Attorney


Aurora Abella-Austriaco
Steven B. Bashaw
Marc J. Blumenthal
Dennis R. Bordyn
August R. Butera
Joel L. Chupack
Dan M. Collander
James F. Cooke
Joseph R. Fortunato, Jr.
Daniel M. Greenberg
John C. Haas
Leanne W. Klein
Jerome E. Lee
Erica C. Minchella
Leonard M. Monson
Joseph F. Nery
John G. O'Brien
Doreen T. Paluch
Jeffrey L. Picklin
David R. Schlueter
Ralph J. Schumann
T. Nicholas Tyszka
Philip J. Vacco