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    • Tue, April 11, 2023
    • 8:15 AM - 9:30 AM
    • Webinar

    An IRELA CLE Tuesday Webinar

    What to Post?
    Content Ideas to Drive Business

    Jayne Corcoran

    Sabrina Bier

    Proper Title

    MCLE approved for 1-hour general credit

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    Jayne Corcoran

    As the Marketing Director at Proper Title, Jayne collaborates with the sales, operations and escrow teams to highlight the many benefits of closing with Proper Title. Through strategic advertising, email marketing, public relations, and social media she helps grow awareness about Proper Title’s unique customer centric approach to client service and retention.

    Jayne joined Proper Title in 2017. The move to Proper Title was an easy one for her, after experiencing the culture at Proper Title, she knew this company was different than the industry norm. Proper Title is an exceptional choice for Chicagoland attorneys, brokers, lenders and commercial clients. Helping cultivate the brand, sharing the opportunities that Proper Title offers clients and assisting in growing the agencies foot print is a great experience.

    Prior to joining Proper Title, Jayne had over twenty years of real estate marketing experience. She worked with one of Chicagolands’s top brokerages and helped to grow the corporate brand of the firm and also collaborated with top real estate brokers to create their own unique brand while utilizing the firm’s award-winning marketing programs. Jayne currently lives in Chicago’s Beverly neighborhood with her family. She is a graduate of St. Norbert college with a degree in graphic communications and a minor in advertising from Bond University. Jayne sits on the board of BAPA, a non-profit community organization serving the residents of Chicago’s Beverly/Morgan Park neighborhood.

    Sabrina Bier

    As the Director of Digital Media + Education at Proper Title, Sabrina bridges the gap between attorney agents/real estate agents and title insurance through education and digital media.

    The Proper Title team and clients often say, “Sabrina speaks and thinks Realtor”. Sabrina crafts exceptional educational programs that speak to all real estate professionals. As both a licensed CE instructor and a CLE instructor, she creates weekly classes that consistently draw large attendees due to keen insight on crafting and cultivating valuable, relevant, and timely industry topics. Education is only half of Sabrina’s role. She is also focused on instilling in her clients the importance of the art of networking and the use of easily implemented marketing skills. By mixing networking and marketing Sabrina is determined to help clients cultivate and retain relationships that will help their businesses grow. Sabrina maintains her message that marketing and networking success can only be met by mixing both “old school” and “new school” techniques and doing so consistently.

    Sabrina joined Proper Title in 2016 after a decade as a top-producing real estate agent in Chicago, ranking among the top 10 percent of approximately 11,000 agents. Sabrina was also a featured Realtor on HGTV’s House Hunters in 2016. She lives in Chicago and is passionate about helping those in need via her own non-profit, RE-CONNECT Chicago.

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    • Wed, April 26, 2023
    • 8:15 AM - 9:30 AM
    • Webinar

    An IRELA CLE Webinar

    The State of Wire Fraud in the Real Estate Industry

    Thomas W. Cronkright

    Co-Founder & CEO, CertifID Co-Owner & CEO, Sun Title

    MCLE approved for 1-hour general credit
    Registration is Free for IRELA Members
    Non-Members ~ $50*

    Real Estate Wire Fraud (REWF) has become a focus of the FBI due to its prevalence and impact in the U.S. CertifID was founded specifically to help address this issue, and that’s all we focus on. In this session, we’ll share insights from our recently published State of Wire Fraud report, based on all transactions and recovery cases processed by CertifID in 2022. We’ll share the report’s findings on questions such as:

    • Who is being impacted by wire fraud?

    • What types of transactions are being targeted most?

    • What are the chances of success from recovering from a fraud incident?

    • What solutions can help identify and prevent suspected fraud?

    • What are the business and operational implications of wire fraud?

    Please join us to learn more about past trends, our forecast for the future, and what that means for your business. 

    Thomas W. Cronkright

    Tom serves as the Executive Chairman of CertifID, a digital identity and device verification solution used by title companies, law firms, lenders, realtors, and home buyers and sellers to prevent wire fraud. He and his business partner, Lawrence Duthler, created the solution in response to a fraud incident they experienced in 2015 and the accelerating instances of fraud in real estate transactions.

    He is also the CEO of Sun Title, one of the largest commercial and residential title agencies in Michigan and has been recognized as an Inc. 5000, 101 Best and Brightest Companies to Work For, and 50 Businesses to Watch in Michigan. Tom is a licensed attorney and national subject matter expert on cyber security and wire fraud and has been featured in Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Good Morning America, Forbes, and other national publications.

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    • Thu, May 11, 2023
    • 8:15 AM - 9:30 AM
    • Webinar

    An IRELA CLE Webinar

    Compassion Fatigue: Sustaining the Professional Self

    Dr. Diana Uchiyama, J.D., PsyD, CAADC

    Executive Director - Lawyers' Assistance Program

    MCLE tentative for 1-hour general credit

    Registration is Free for IRELA Members
    Non-Members ~ $50*

    Lawyers, like others in the helping professions, are at risk for experiencing compassion fatigue. Lawyers in certain practice areas, such as criminal, family, immigration, or juvenile law may be especially susceptible to compassion fatigue, as they are regularly exposed to human-induced trauma, and are called on to empathetically listen to victims’ stories, read reports and descriptions of traumatic events, view crime or accident scenes, and view graphic evidence of traumatic victimization. Those with high caseloads and those with a high capacity for empathy are also at risk for experiencing compassion fatigue. Participants in this program will: 

    • Learn what Compassion Fatigue is;
    • Understand why lawyers are vulnerable to Compassion Fatigue
    • Learn professional hazards that contribute to Compassion Fatigue
    • Learn how to become a more resilient attorney
    • Learn methods to enhance or deplete professionals from a systemic viewpoint; and
    • Learn coping strategies to minimize Compassion Fatigue and increase health and well being

    Dr. Diana Uchiyama, JD, PsyD, CAADC

    Dr. Diana Uchiyama is the Executive Director of the Illinois Lawyers’ Assistance Program (LAP). Prior to joining LAP, she was the Administrator of Psychological Services for DuPage County and ran a licensed outpatient substance use treatment program, including a Mentally Ill Substance Abuse (MISA) program and Seeking Safety program for individuals with substance use problems, who were also trauma survivors. While at DuPage County she also ran a 26-week Domestic Batterer Intervention Program for a court mandated population of clients. 

    Dr. Uchiyama has also worked for the Kane County Diagnostic Center, as both a Staff Psychologist and Juvenile Drug Court Coordinator, and has an extensive background doing court ordered evaluations including psychological, sanity, fitness, fitness to parent, and sex offender evaluations. She was also a licensed sex offender evaluator in the State of Illinois. She has implemented numerous changes to court ordered programs both in Kane and DuPage County and is a SAMSHA certified trauma informed care trainer. Dr. Uchiyama also conducts therapy with adults and adolescents, is a Certified Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor, and has an Advanced Mindfulness Training Certificate, teaching mindfulness skills to others in order to increase their wellbeing.

    Prior to obtaining her masters and doctorate in Clinical Psychology, Dr. Uchiyama was an Assistant Public Defender in Cook County working in various felony courtrooms at 26th and California in Chicago for over a decade. She obtained her law degree from Pepperdine University School of Law.

    She is a prolific writer and nationally recognized speaker in the areas of judicial/ lawyer/law student health and wellness issues throughout the country.

    PCAM Course ID: 547807

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